10 Killer Ideas For Explainer Videos To Convert More SaaS Trials

Explainer videos are the ultimate triple threat for SaaS businesses everywhere – combining visuals, audio, and storytelling.

This fun video is the ideal way to communicate why you’re better than the competition — in no time at all.

Plus, it simplifies even complex software so viewers will understand what makes your software special without pulling out their hair.

Talk about a win-win.

Speaking of winning, don’t miss out on the powerful potential of video marketing. Even 70% of non-marketers are set to jump onboard in 2023.

As a starting point, we’ll provide you with plenty of tips for creating explainer videos that get results–read on!

Here is the first idea you don’t wanna miss

In the fast-paced world of SaaS marketing, an effective explainer video is an invaluable asset. There’s something about ‘showing, not telling’ that resonates with audiences.

That’s why live-action SaaS explainers (a.k.a. videos that look like commercials) are gaining traction among marketers looking to engage potential customers in their SaaS. And animated explainer videos are no longer hot.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Authenticity

    Forget the impersonal sales pitch and make trustworthiness a main ingredient of your marketing plan. Real people have real stories to tell that will help set you apart from the competition.

  • Emotional connection

    Want to make your audience feel like part of the family?

    Introduce them to real customers using your product or service and watch as they instantly become emotionally attached. Stories that show off what you have in store are surefire ways for people to relate, resulting in a stronger bond between SaaS brand and customer.

  • Increased engagement

    When it comes to making a lasting impression on viewers, actors have the edge over talking heads. With real people in your video content, you get more value for your money as body language and facial expressions lend an extra layer of understanding that leaves audiences captivated.

    Overall, using real people in your SaaS explainers can help you build a more authentic and emotionally engaging brand booster that resonates with your target audience.


We’ve listed a few more ideas for your next SaaS explainer

  1. Use cases helpful to people looking for a solution

Successful explainer videos show the target audience the exact challenges they’re facing.

And how your SaaS solution can help them.

An example of this would be the Hotjar explainers (we, eggcrate helped create this by the way).

Hotjar, a behavior analytics and product experience insights service, has videos highlighting the use cases for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Product managers

Ideas for explainer videosWatch the video here to see how they did this.

When users feel like the product or service provider understands their pain points, they are more likely to trust that the SaaS can help solve their problems.

With videos like these, you connect with your viewers since they’re so relatable. That way, you capture more leads for your SaaS.

2. Take the fiction route.

In contrast to using real-world use cases, you can go the different path and use fake characters… It almost feels like a movie, but here’s how it’ll work.

Hubspot created funny this “A Smooth CRM for rough seas” video to explain their SaaS.


Ideas for explainer videos

It’s a story about pirates and gold, which, at the same time, underscores their company’s strengths. Ironically, they starred as sea “thieves,” but because they use Hubspot for doing (monkey) business, customers trust them entirely.

It goes to show that you can be creative and even use a fictional setting for your brand video.


3.Answer the FAQs

If you want your clients to clamor for more of what you have to offer, why not add a bit of pizzazz with video explainers?

Not only will they be entertained by the visual content, but adding FAQs into the mix means they’ll never be stuck scratching their heads trying to find answers– leading them straight towards satisfaction and higher retention rates.


4.Short explainers

If you want your viewers to take action, communication should be simple and sweet.

Keep it short and easy-to-understand so that everyone can comprehend the message without getting a headache – no one likes complexity.

You can create a 20-second advert. This strategy is for attention span, so you can easily repurpose this kind of videos in your ads.


Ideas for explainer videos Here’s an example.


5.Super short explainers

Explaining your SaaS in under 10 seconds?

Hard, but it works!

A 6-second video like the one below is meant to be used for brand awareness. They tease and play with curiosity, making them effective.

Ideas for explainer videosWatch the video to see what we mean

This makes people who seem to be interested and kind of willing to know more visit your website to learn more.


6.Fact-checking myths

Debunking myths in SaaS video explainers can help address misconceptions, build trust, and provide accurate information to potential customers.

When potential customers have objections about your SaaS, it can be a barrier to adoption.

So maybe talk about a bad review that turned out great in the end? Go and be bold.


7.Straight from the CEO

The CEO of your SaaS company says it’s time to get personal – literally!

Showcase the leader in a video explainer and introduce viewers to their values, mission, and vision.
That’ll help potential customers understand why they should choose this product or service over others on the market – so don’t miss out on that chance for credibility-building success.


8.High-level demo of SaaS

Impress your potential customers with an epic demonstration of your product. This works for SaaS with an ultra-techie audience who are particular about your features.

Show them how it can do things no other product does – and why they should trust you to deliver the goods. With a high-level demo, engagement will skyrocket – sealing in more adoption for sure.


9.Case study video

Looking for a surefire way to take your SaaSexplainer videos up a notch? You can’t go wrong with case studies!

From building trust and demonstrating success, to providing social proof of how the product or service has helped others – these real-world examples get viewers engaged in all the right ways.

So why not talk about how your SaaS works from the lens of your best customers?


10.Interview-style explainers

Want to create an explainer video with a human touch?
An interview style is the perfect solution that’ll give different perspectives on your SaaS product or service.

People are more likely to trust a product or service if they see that others have had a positive experience with it. Most consumers trust information about a brand from regular customers (58%).

There is no need to settle for one-dimensional when you can have multiple angles of potential benefits, and your customers will be able to comprehend them better.


Get creative on your SaaS explainers

Now, you’re equipped with ideas of exciting explainer videos. You now have the inspiration needed to craft an explainer that resonates with your audience.

So don’t wait – get creative and start brainstorming what sort of explainer video would be best fit for your business.

And if you’re feeling stuck, contact us at eggcrate!

We’re happy to come up with some unique ideas for you. With the help of eggcrate, your next explainer video can be top-notch and sure to leave a lasting impression on your viewers.


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