The SaaSy 7 Ways of Creating An Explainer Video Like A Pro

creating an explainer video

Want to know the secret to capturing SaaS leads?

Well, listen up! The answer lies in these 7 SaaSy tips when creating an explainer video.  They’ll boost your engagement to infinity (and beyond).

Marketing professionals rate video as an ‘important part’ of their marketing strategy at the highest level ever (96%). Additionally, video leads to 100% longer average site visits.

Yes, apparently one of the best investments a marketer could make is in an explainer video – but getting it right isn’t easy.

Explaining your SaaS product can be like walking a tightrope – you want to capture your audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and leave them wanting more.

We’ll show you how.

7 Tips To SaaSify Your Video Explainers

Video explainers can be daunting, especially if you’re already a popular SaaS. It can be hard to pull off!

But fear not. We’ve helped Hotjar nail theirs.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create an explainer video that will have your audience stopping, staring, and staying for more.

1.Start with the end in mind

Creating an explainer video for your SaaS product is all about delivering and understanding what your audience wants. Because, let’s be real – the endgame is always to convert those viewers into paying customers.

So, before you begin the process of video creation, start with the end in mind: what do you want to achieve? Once you know your ultimate goal (like signing up for a free trial or visiting your website), you can create a call-to-action that will encourage viewers to take the next step.

And remember, your video should be designed with conversion in mind – it’s all about that endgame, buddy!

2.Get ideas from competitors & experts

Psst…we won’t snitch if you take a peek at your competitors’ ideas. It’s not cheating, it’s being strategic. Don’t just copy and paste their content, take note of what works and what doesn’t. Maybe their explainer video is informative, but longer than a rap song.

Next step? Check out industry experts for more inspo (You might want to fetch some insights from eggcrate’s CEO in this blog post 👈).

You’ll have nothing to lose when you do.

So go ahead, take some ideas and make a masterpiece that will make your audience go “Wow!”

3.Stick to the stats, but inject creativity

Ah, video statistics – the bread and butter of any good SaaS explainer video. After all, your potential customers want to know exactly how your product can help them, and there’s no better way to prove it than with some cold, hard data. But let’s be real, numbers can be a snooze-fest. That’s where creativity comes in.

When creating your SaaS explainer video, it’s important to stick to the stats, but don’t be afraid to inject a little creativity into the mix. Here, you can let your imagination run wild (well, within reason).

creating an explainer video

^ This is from an actual aggcrate promo video. Got your attention?

At the end of the day, your SaaS explainer video is all about getting your message across in a way that resonates with your audience. So don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it. Make sure you stick to the facts but also be interesting, and you’re sure to create a video that not only informs but entertains as well.

4.Make a marketing plan

So you’ve created a killer SaaS explainer video – congratulations! But now what? Without a solid marketing plan, your video might not reach its full potential. After all, what’s the point of creating something amazing if no one sees it?

That’s where a marketing plan comes in. It’s like a roadmap for getting your video in front of the right people, at the right time, and in the right way. And if you’re not convinced yet, here are a few reasons why you should have a marketing plan for your SaaS explainer:

  • It helps you reach your target audience: You can’t expect everyone to be interested in your product – that’s just not realistic. With a marketing plan, you can identify your target audience and figure out the best ways to reach them.
  • It maximizes your ROI: You’ve likely invested time, money, and resources into making your SaaS explainer video. So why not get the most out of it? Digital marketing strategies now require video content. Reports say that videos generate 300% more traffic and nurture leads.
  • It differentiates you from the competition: Let’s face it, the SaaS market is crowded. There are likely dozens (if not hundreds) of other companies offering similar products to yours. A marketing plan can help you stand out from the competition by highlighting what makes your product unique.

5.Put your money into the right type of video

Are you tired of throwing money at videos that just don’t seem to be doing the trick? Well, it’s time to stop investing in the wrong type of video and start putting your money where it really counts.

Just like a bad blind date, investing in the wrong type of video can leave you feeling disappointed, frustrated, and a little bit broke. But fear not, there is a light at the end of the video tunnel.

Which to pick?

creating an explainer video

By putting your money into the right type of SaaS video, you can have a video that not only looks great but also performs like a superstar. So whether you’re looking for a video to explain your SaaS product or just want to promote your brand, make sure you’re investing in a video that’s the perfect match for your goals.

6.Plan how to distribute your content

Just like a superhero needs a sidekick to help save the day, your SaaS explainer video needs a distribution plan to help it reach its full potential. Without a solid plan in place, your video may end up like Batman without Robin – capable but underutilized.

You need to get your video out there and seen by your target audience, and that requires a plan so make sure you have a SaaS video distribution plan that will make your video the hero of your marketing efforts.

7. Put live action on the screen

Are you tired of explainer videos that feel like they were made by robots, for robots? Well, it’s time to inject some soul into your SaaS marketing efforts and embrace the power of live-action with real people.

By using real people in your explainer videos, you’re not only adding a touch of authenticity, but you’re also creating a connection with your audience. After all, who wants to watch a video featuring a cold, lifeless artificial character when they could be watching real people showing off your product or service?

Look at this:

creating an explainer video

Plus, live-action videos showcases your brand’s personality and create a memorable experience for your audience.

So, whether you’re featuring your employees, customers, or just some quirky characters, make sure your video is packed with personality and that you’re bringing your brand to life.

With the power of real actors, your explainer video will be the talk of the town, and you’ll be the envy of all those monotonous, computer-generated videos out there (they no longer work too).

Finally, let’s summarize


At the end of the day, your explainer video is a crucial part of your marketing strategy that can help grow your audience and set you apart from the crowd.

And now that you’ve got tips on how to create a SaaS explainer video, it’s time to find the right production agency to work with. Do your research carefully and select a reliable partner that understands your brand, audience, and objectives.

It’s not enough for your video to ‘kind of’ make sense — it needs to captivate viewers from start to finish! Investing in a high-quality video production service means potential customers will be won over from the get-go, without fail. 

You could have the world’s best video concept in mind but without a capable team executing it, you’ll never reach success. 

eggcrate helps SaaS companies like Hotjar stand out from the competition for years, so why not give us a shot? Let’s hatch a plan and start working on crafting something spectacular for your SaaS business! 

Let’s get crackin’! 👇🏼



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