About us

Making SaaS Products Unforgettable​

You’re building a great product. Our job is to help you explain—and sell—that product to your audience using premium videos with emotionally charged storylines… All performed by real professional actors, not animated videos that look-alike.

A sister company of MAKA Visuals

When we started filming HotJar’s bi-yearly team meetups around the globe, that’s when we discovered the world of SaaS. We noticed how it’s only the bigger companies who use high-end video to promote their brand. The smaller teams seem to use animated explainer videos that all look the same. 

Probably it’s from the habit of seeing, copying, and adapting… Or the notion that videos are expensive… Or because one does not feel the need to build their brand yet. This is why eggcrate was hatched.

We bring premium videos to your fast-growing SaaS so you can accelerate their growth. 

Branding positions your product with customers. It differentiates your tool from 100s of other similar apps. It positions your SaaS for long-term profitability.

Giving growing SaaS teams (like yours) access to high-quality videos will help you rocket up globally, very fast. 

(We’ve seen it happen to big household brands we’ve worked for under MAKA.)


A SaaS world where founders are empowered to build purposeful brands and reach their customers effectively through humanized communications.


To humanize how the SaaS industry communicates with their audience using strategic live-action videos that make their products unforgettable.

Our Process


We’ll start with a strategy workshop to develop a brief detailing the video you’ll love.​


Then we’ll work together on the concept, the custom script, and the storyboards.​


To prep up the logistics, creatives, locations, actors, and the tech ready.​


We’ll gather everyone for 1-2 days (or more if required) to film everything we need.​


Lastly we’ll stitch all elements together in a video that you’re proud of.

Core Values


We always choose better over easier. We strive to deliver the value we promised to our patrons.


We honor transparency and work commitments to build trust. What we say we’ll do, we do.


We work and win together as a team, showing empathy and respect along the way.


We’re not afraid to make mistakes. We embrace challenges and seek solutions right away.


We want to stand out so we challenge one another to think outside the box and push our boundaries.

Our Team

The team behind eggcrate, the team at MAKA in operation for the past 6 years, working for big household brands.

Sean Aquilina

Meet Sean

Maria Vella

General Manager
Meet Maria

Nicolai Aquilina

Lead VFX Artist
Meet Nicolai

Jake Vassallo

Video Editor
Meet Jake

Matthew James Ellul

Video Creative Director
Meet Matthew

Victoria Schembri

Production Coordinator
Meet Victoria

Jake Aquilina

Meet Jake