Of course. Just because we use professional actors doesn’t mean that we won’t use visual effects or motion graphics.  

We’re giving you the best of both worlds, having actors to highlight the emotions when customers use your product (remember we’re selling to humans, not robots). 

And we’ll showcase your key product features using professional animation. We do all of this in-house to ensure a streamlined process and top-quality results.

We think fully animated videos all look the same. So we pride ourselves on producing hybrid SaaS marketing videos that’ll make your product unforgettable. 

In doing so, we follow a carefully crafted process for our boutique service, but that doesn’t mean we tackle all client videos the same. 

We can deliver the final video within 6 to 8 weeks. 

An assigned project manager will plot the proposed timeline designed specifically for your project once we start.

This said we appreciate it if you speak to us 3 months before your planned campaign launch date so we’ll have enough time to strategize and we can tackle your project the right way.

Of course. We’ll write a custom-built script and copy that contains the key ingredients of a stand-out video: a message that resonates out, a great hook that presses your audience’s pain, and an argument to convince them to buy.

All you need to do is tell us what you’d like to see (and hear) once you have your video in your hand.

Nah. Our second hobby is going around the globe. 

We enjoy shooting in Malta though, it’s a very film-friendly location… 300+ days of sunshine, distinct-looking locations, professional crew to work with, and most of our relatives are just a 2-minute drive away (should we randomly want to stop over for free tea).

Yes, it’s a busy island and a cool place to shoot in. That explains why huge film directors — such as Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Ridley Scott (we’d be pretentious to add our creative directors to this list) — all enjoy shooting on the island.

Sure, we work with casting agents to get us the right actors the creative director thinks fit best. 

Fun fact: we once got a goat for an advert… 

She demanded a trailer for her make-up, but all in all, she was friendly, didn’t even say a word throughout the entire day.

A goal of what you’d like to achieve and the passion to explain your product… This is what we ask of you. We’ll take care of the rest. 

We also give helpful advice on stuff that you’re unsure of, like the ideal duration of your video. Our clients tell us we’re friendly and they’ve always trusted our creativity and technicality as we’ve been doing it for years… So you’re safe.

If you need a remarkably good and effective video for your SaaS, we do just that.

Yes, you’re the one in charge to bring the popcorn, remember? We’re kidding.   

You can enjoy watching the shoot from the comfort of your office (or home). Stream what’s going on on the set, live on your laptop, as if you’re on Youtube – cool stuff, right?! 

If you prefer rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business, we’re more than excited to have you with us. We’ll make sure there’s free-flowing coffee going around. 

Unless your project requires us to come to you – in that case, don’t worry we won’t hassle you with free-flowing beer coffee.