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Humanize your product with live action videos

Animated SaaS videos (even if they all look the same) are decent at explaining complex products. But most of the time, that’s all they do. 

Humans are wired to connect. If you want people to pay attention, let’s engage with them at an emotional level first and speak to them the same way a trusted friend would.

Animated motion graphics don’t have that power — Real people do.

Explainer videos

Get customers to understand your SaaS and key features fast. We produce videos that focus on the human way; explainer videos that talk to people.

Help them engage and connect to your product in minutes to get more signups, free trials, or demos.

Brand videos

Transform your software into a brand with powerful storylines that leave a mark on prospects you want to impress.

Crack their shells and fire up their emotions. Inspire them to be a part of what your brand stands for.

Customers often tend to buy products they feel they understood fast.

You don’t have to wait to be a unicorn to start building your brand with videos—it’s a chicken and egg situation.


Produced videos for known global brands in the last 7 years. We create high-end videos that capture attention.


Storyboards, scripts, voice-overs, locations, production design, and professional actors—we got it all covered.


Enhance brand perception without blowing off your entire marketing budget. Premium videos don’t have to be ridiculously expensive.


Advertise your video fast. Following a proven process, we’ll hand over your marketing-ready video while your latest features are fresh.

How we’ll work together

As a full-fledged video agency, we’ll take care of everything from A to Z, so you can focus on the rest of your marketing. This is what goes on behind the scenes.


If after speaking with eggcrators we see that we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a strategy workshop where we can dig deeper into your SaaS. We’ll get to a detailed brief so we’ll create a product video you’ll be ecstatic about.


Our team will then craft the backbones of your video: the creative concept and a custom script. We’re bold enough to push our boundaries (no, we don’t chicken out), and we will make sure that we’re always on the same page.


At this point, we’ll secure everything we’ll need: logistics, creatives, the locations, actors, and all the technical requirements. We work with experts from all around Europe to get everything ready before the shoot. Just sit down, relax, and enjoy.


Lights, camera, action! Our specialized crew (not our cousins), cast, creative director, and cinematographer will be there to capture everything in 1-2 days. Remember to bring popcorn if you fancy joining us on set.


Finally, our editing magic! We’ll stitch all the footage, music, motion graphics, sound, and visual effects together like a big, delicate egg benedict. Our production team will make sure the video suits your brand perfectly.

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